Fendi Spring/Summer 2019


A brilliant cross of two distinct colors, Fendi’s spring/summer 2019 runway show presented opposing forces: red and black. Almost seemingly fighting one another for as much presentation time as it could be included, masterfully cut dark menswear acted as a stepping stone of sorts for bright and piercing reds to show off its ability. The runway show does lean towards a few browns and yellows towards the end, but nothing could top the masterful introductory garments. I particularly enjoyed when the black and red dynamic worked together in a coherent way, such as the linings of suits and accessories beaming red while the actual majority of the item itself was a dark abyss. Simplicity is the key word in this situation, as Fendi has been able to create a line of garments that are not only futuristically fashionable in its straight to the point design, but easily accessible and practical in how recognizable its colors are. I firmly believe any man could find something he loves within this collection, as piece after piece could fit smoothly into a personal closet.