Fendi Spring/Summer 2018

Looking to infuse modern, free-spirited elements with traditional corporate dressing, Silvia Venturini Fendi challenged archaic notions of business atiire with conviction and whimsy. The boardroom has always catered to a banal dress code of suits and ties in order to create an imposing, powerful executive figure. But with the rise of millennials in the workforce and lifestyle changes, sometimes individualism commands respect more so than uniformity. Youthful dynamics were evident in Venturini Fendi’s collection of sportswear meets business savvy. Classic tailored separates were mixed with alternative office-type gear and accessories such as baseball caps, sliders and artsy cardigans. Chevron stripes painted sheer tops and suede jackets, while suspenders and belts with wide ties (with the top button unbuttoned by the way) retained that familiar notion of office work-wear. The designer’s proposal of celebrating normality in an exciting, not-too-serious way allowed the collection to walk that elusive line between innovation and practicality. A wide array of colors and textures gave the clothes pop and flair to otherwise standard silhouettes and shapes, and the double-F logo on bold display will have consumers clamoring for a piece of Fendi’s magic.