Federico Curradi Fall/Winter 2017

Federico Curradi is a tailor by trade. Not just any tailor, an Italian tailor. His adept skills as a seamster are inherent in each garment that made its way down the catwalk for Curradi’s Fall/Winter 2017 show. Stomped by barefoot models with inscrutable expressions and stale moods, the presentation was par for the course. The collection, however, was a freshly concise display of artisanal craftsmanship. The clothes were precisely tailored and constructed, while still managing to lay loosely on the figures of which they were worn. It was as if the designer alchemized wools and cottons and silks. He found a way to make them appear ever so draped without being unflatteringly amorphous. Curradi’s proficiency in garmenting is glaringly present in each piece shown. Think Euro bohemian with an emotive gravitas that retains all the visually stimulating qualities of the former, but eliminates the unnecessarily playful. This is a collection for grown men who do grown men things, but of whom want to appear more easeful in how they dress. The latter is indicative in the square hemmed canvas tops over full cut trousers underneath elongated overcoats. The show was not Avant Garde but it was imbued with Curradi’s supreme artistic vision.