Etro Fall/Winter 2017

Evolution is an integral abstraction in fashion. If it is not anything else, fashion is forward. Always progressing, constantly propelling itself onward. This reality is normally for the better. In regards to Etro’s Fall/Winter 2017 output such was not the case. This collection looked and felt misguidedly displaced. As if unknowingly removed from fine dining and advanced social conclaves, to a rugged space of fleeting athleticism. While the clothes – in their cut and patterning – are far from rugged, their lines are not as clean and wowing as they have been. There does exist inconsistent remnants of the suave and sartorially astute energy of seasons past. Even the projected graphics featured on the big screen, of which precedes the runway, suggests a far out context. How this type of garment engineering will sustain and inject into the general discourse surrounding menswear is up in the air, literally. One this is certain; this collection makes a statement all its own.