ES Spring/Summer 2019

Taking a similar approach to their peer, Dolce & Gabbana, ES’ Spring/Summer 2019 runway show took great pride in the human body. A large majority of the models featured were very unclothed, and this created a conflict in terms of understanding how exactly the accessories featured were meant to be worn. At its best, the show stays relatively practical through tight, colorful t-shirts and striped tank tops. I particularly enjoyed the “ES” engraved orange logo upon a brightly shaded t-shirt, helping to show off a bit of brand recognition while still showcasing the unique design. At its worst, the runway show seems to focus on a greater sense of artistic expression than actual practicality and accessibility. Yes, there is no better way to show off a line of underwear than to have a fit model wear it, but there seems to be a conflict of interest when accessories such as hats are involved and judgement is lost upon what combination of garments are meant to be properly worn together.