Emporio Armani Fall/Winter 2017

Postured austerity in his sartorial take on grandeur handsome. Mr. Armani allows men to be indulgent in the mechanics of what it means to be truly good looking, from head to toe. He expertly skirts the fine line between being current and perennially tasteful. The latter is apparent in how his velour bottoms are worn with simple cashmere sweaters. Or a hoodie with graphics is paired with pleated trousers. Due to the venerability of his namesake label, along with his penchant to push the envelope with studied tact, he forces men to widen their repertoire. To challenge themselves in how they will dress for seasons to come. To be of the times and simultaneously transcend time. Balancing millennial enticement with middle aged charm and purchasing power is no small feat. This is handled with great finesse. The influx of looks – sometimes uniformed in the literal sense – can feel superfluous. Mr. Armani wants to ensure that all bases are covered from suiting to outerwear, and every silhouette in between. This is the dealings of an icon, legend, master, all the above.