Dunhill Spring/Summer 2019

Indeed an odd case, Dunhill’s Spring/Summer 2019 runway show is difficult to put into words. At the very least I can say I love it. Simplicity ravages the entire show, curating piece after piece of practical, down to earth garments that any man can find accessible. In particular, I loved the consistent use of entire outfits and accessories that stuck to one color palette, such as charcoal gray dominating a model from top to bottom. Straight to the point clarity mixed with a strong vision on how a man can approach his day to day life in luxury, I truly adored this show for making such strong attempts to create garments which could mesh perfectly into anyone’s pre-existing closet. It is almost inspiring how simple garments can go such a long way and create such a lasting impact upon a consumer. The less is more approach was most definitely utilized during Dunhill’s runway show, and it paid off in spades.