Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2019


Like an acid trip mixed with a surfer’s sensibility, Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2019 runway show was a psychedelic dream. Almost every piece, even the garments with a dash of black to help balance out the color, feature distinct designs of warped shades and hues that seem to grasp hard in terms of artistic expression. Sadly, this lean towards a surrealistic direction that is only good for its show, not its practicality. That is the true Achilles heel of this showcase, a deep and centered focus on the imaginative side of the garments, not the accessibility. Specifically speaking, I enjoyed the piece which featured a black overcoat, but the bright dyed blue pants alleviated any sense of wanting to wear this outfit publicly. Perhaps a man who is less conserved in his outfit choices may want to give this a go, but I could not find a solid reason for Dries Van Noten’s scale to tip towards any notable practicality.