Dior Homme Spring/Summer 2019


Light is a consistent theme throughout Dior spring/summer 2019 runway show. Light whites, browns and pinks flushed the audience and introduced a collection that was not only stylish, but surprising accessible. Perhaps due to its simplicity or just the practicality of the outfits, a result of focusing less on the artistic side of things and more on the actual real world application, this runway show helps introduce a group of garments that are indeed head turning. Towards the end of the show, some darker pieces are brought into play to help alleviate some of the angelic vibes we’ve grown accustomed to thus far, but nothing too game changing is introduced that could deviate too far from the general theme. I particularly enjoyed the all pink suit, as a dash of color is hard to mix with a real world outfit, yet Dior somehow struck a perfect balance between artistic expression and practical application.