Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2017

Throughout his tenure Kris Van Assche has cultivated a balance of creating timeless clothing that inject seamlessly in pop culture. There is something of note when a designer can fuse the novel with the culturally relevant. Think printed blazers on John Legend and floral bomber jackets on A$AP Rocky. Assche’s Dior Homme is persistently on the cusp of classic and cool. The youth obsession is palpable in every hem and stitch is scathingly marginal. Yet it still feels aspirational while being aesthetically (and monetarily) inaccessible. Each season Assche manages to premiere what will be some of the most photographed outerwear of the year. This season it is the till fur sleeveless pea coat, and its fox colored siblings. The burnt orange, which featured prominently throughout, made a resonant appearance as the dominant color on jackets, and as vibrant piping on bombers and blazers. Often what is ignored when assessing fashion is the visceral. That natural reaction one will have to the product presented. In this instance, the visceral feedback from Assche’s most recent output at Dior Homme is a desire to consume all that was presented. Not many design houses can ensure that in buying any given item the customer will be pushing boundaries with garments he will want to wear for years to come. 4 cufflinks.