Diesel Black Gold Fall/Winter 2017

Powered by embroidered biker jackets and combat boots, polished grunge took center stage. When styled in totality the Diesel Black Gold customer is a very specific kind of person. When the pieces are thought of individually, the universality of the brand’s appeal is comprehensible. The kimono cut and asymmetrical buttoning on the jackets were an exciting step into the future. The cuts were precise, nothing too fitted, only one or two graciously oversized items. The collection was timely, but also portends the sonic energy to be continuously exuded by style mavens far past this coming Fall/Winter season. The amorphous shapes and off kilter finishes were indicative of a new legion of fashion where rules are non-existent. The detailed crafting evident in each garment communicates that rules need not apply. Creative director Andreas Melbostad has his finger on the pulse of an emerging generation of stylish individuals who are less concerned with utopian ideologies, and more focused on pragmatic sensibilities. Where wearable clothing take precedence, but the element of fantasy and design are not disregarded. Melbostad’s guy is hyper-attuned but not jaded, cool but not detached, eccentric but approachable. This is an inclusive function that broadens the label’s appeal beyond its’ covetable garments.