Damir Doma Fall/Winter 2017

The clothes were forces of nature. They spoke a language that communicated the new boundaries of sensuality. From the lines to the colors to the tailoring, there was something effervescently cerebral about the collection. Almost as if a lay viewer can put his or herself in the mind of Mr. Damir Doma. The clothes signify the emo illuminated, re-calibrated, elevated. He has grown out of his depressive emotional framework. There is still something sullen about his disposition, but he is a bit livelier. Metaphorically speaking he is the ponderous animal with a vibrant exterior. The garmenting in and of itself is masterfully executed. Beyond any emotive consideration, the garments are supremely good looking. Each piece can integrate into the closets of men of varying style proclivities and characteristic sensibilities. There was an overall uniformity in theme with credible nuances throughout. The collection never felt trapped to a specific motif. It was cohesive visually, and simultaneously textured and layered in the energy it emanated.