Daks Spring/Summer 2019

Coming through clean with a 1970’s inspired wardrobe of plaids, big glasses and psychedelic headwear, Daks’ spring/summer 2019 runway show is a complete throwback towards a time long gone. The overexertion of large, flopping hats and comically oversized necklaces does seem appealing at first, but I doubt the accessibility of applying this outdated wardrobe in any contemporary setting, intentional theming or not. This comes as a disappointment, as on the surface I enjoy Daks’ ability to bring back an iconic style setting of the past with a few modern twists, but I simply doubt the accessibility of the garments. In particular, I could not imagine a man in public wearing a large, seemingly melting neon green hat. I am sure some men enjoy such clothing, but I do not think it’s a stretch to assume most men wouldn’t.