Comme Des Garçons Hommes Plus Spring/Summer 2018

Ever the conceptual thinker, Rei Kawakubo is a designer of few words yet her clothes are a confection of ideas and observations. Taking the “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” proverb to another dimension, this season highlighted embellished, flashy sport jackets that turned out to be worn – you guessed it – inside out. Different swathes of fabric were juxtaposed next to each other in slivers of psychedelic florals and neo-pop leopard prints. Basketball shorts were rendered in sequins of every color in the spectrum, bright and sparkly enough to command attention from the most jaded onlooker. Nike sneakers ran the gamut in equally bold colors, complementing the show’s snazzy disco backdrop. A dance floor with neon spotlights glided all over and shined a light on the collection’s show stoppers: jackets adorned with eerie broken baby doll heads and limbs that had a sinister quality to the otherwise upbeat presentation. While noting that these are not for the every man is an understatement, Kawakubo brilliantly encourages us to look at new ways of dressing and how we can open up our wardrobe's vocabulary with new ideas in tiny adjustments.