Christian Pellizzari Fall/Winter 2017

Christain Pellizzari’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection exhibited a discordant lack of flow. This is not to say that the selection of garments as a collective was not cohesive. The dissonance concerned the emotive spirit of clothing that most established designers tap into it. Whether the overall theme is grunge or sartorial elitism each look, or groups of looks within the collection will be different. Even with this there is an emotional energy that is usually consistent throughout. That was missing from this presentation. The menswear story lacked a rhythmic coherence. There were nice pairings and pattern mixing but nothing that truly resonated. The highlights of the show were the defined and deep toned camel pea coat and topcoat. There were spouts of iridescent suiting of note, still nothing remarkable. In all, the garments were expertly constructed, but when presented as pieces of a group they lacked a narrative for onlookers to hook onto it. In fashion this is crucial. Otherwise we are just watching a bunch of clothes stroll down a runway. As futile as it may seem, it is not enough to be good at constructing clothing, it is also a necessity to make sure the latter emotes.