Cerruti Fall/Winter2017

An exemplar of what a man of dapper’s wardrobe should look like. Replete with nuances of tailoring, patterns, collar variations, jacket lengths, hem widths, shoe silhouettes, etc. Cerruti’s Fall/Winter 2017 selection effortlessly fuses maturation with extended modernism. The clothes are the costumes for individuals transitioning from young men to grown men. Albeit a Parisian menswear fashion house, the garments on the runway evoked London’s historic Savile Row. Ready to wear appeal with a bespoke quality. Most significantly each piece – however elongated or cropped – looks transferrable to the average person of all physiological measurements, with specified alterations of course. Runway shows are often theatrical outputs with keen artistic vision. At such events, rarely is the onlooker met with product that is market ready. There may be a splash of wearable items styled with larger than life constructions, or esoterically Avant Garde silhouettes. Cerruti is among an elite group of design houses of whom are committed to bringing consumers smart tailoring and truly ready to wear looks. This collection was styled in a way that is unique to the brand, but still sensical in everyday life. In the realm of high fashion, the mundane becomes the remarkable.