Carlo Volpi Fall/Winter 2017

There is a concretely visceral allure to patterned sweaters. When designed gratuitously they incite a casual stream of joy at best. When made with punch and purpose, they can define an overarching sense of style. The latter was accomplished at Carlo Volpi’s show for his Fall/Winter 2017 collection. For all its nuances and well-developed narrative, chaos was the dominating motif. To properly explicate, it was a mental rewiring of sartorial presentation. A complex study in technicolor. Walking conceptual pop art. Volpi’s wearable knitwear was styled strategically with eccentric bottoms and grungy boots. Each look was aesthetically pleasing, and held its own merit within the collection. The latter was forward thinking commentary on youth culture and the power of the free spirit. This genre of garmenting is for the individual who is uninterested in reconciling with spatial limitations. He makes coherent and reverberating statements with the way he assembles clothing. As it concerns any taste maker, social rebel, or new wave thinker, one must have a means to be nonverbally expressive. Volpi has certainly provided such an individual with the tangible tools to communicate a progressively programmed ideology. If not just for being visually intriguing clothing, the garments, and their owners, will be conversation enforcers to say the least.