Ben Sherman Spring/Summer 2019


Quaint and practical, Ben Sherman’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection is an absolute triumphant step in the right direction. The use of backpack and bag accessories are stellar, working strongly to compliment calm and confident colors that wash over the summer-time inspired collection. Take notice of the consistent use of vertical and horizontal stripes, meant to convey a more casual look but still show a sense of class and attention to detail. I particularly enjoyed the garment in which the outfit was nothing more than simple red vertical stripes complimenting off dark maroon shorts, an outfit any man could mix and accessorize with clothing from mid-level stores such as H&M and Zara. Packed to the brim with pieces which could easily fit into any man’s wardrobe, Sherman’s collection is an excellent balance of suits, shorts, shirts and track outfits. A highly recommended collection, I would suggest making sure your wallet is ready before looking any further into this group of clothing. You may just like every single piece.