Ann Demuelemeester Spring/Summer 2019


Mending lines between dark and light, Ann Demuelemeester’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection is a large compliment to artistic expression in terms of simplicity. However, the collection is largely dependent on impractical pieces such as headwear which extends beyond the model’s face and outerwear drooping down to an almost skirt level, resulting in a look that is exciting in its clarity but lacking in its user viability. Occasionally dashes of color do appear, but it is not often that the mold is broken in terms of the collection’s gothic, almost funeral style thematic undertones.  Although the collection is most certainly very interesting, it is definitely too avant-garde for any practical use in the day to day life of a professional man. In particular, I can not imagine any man realistically wearing the face covering veils which dominate this collection, resulting in low consumer viability for actually wearing any of the garments. Admire from a distance, but do not come too close.