Angus Chiang Fall/Winter 2018


Angus Chiang emulates a space era in his 2018 fall/winter collection during Paris Fashion Week. It is not uncommon for the label to include eccentric designs and statement colors in its collection and is thoroughly shown throughout this year’s showcase.

Models began by walking down a metallic ramp that obviously contributed to the outerspace-esque environment of the show. To match the theme, models wore ensembles that consisted of metallic puffer jackets, distressed bright-colored pants and oversized sweaters. PVC, leather pants and deconstructed shirts also made a large presence in the collection.

Angus Chiang hit the mark by ensuring that the theme was accurately and consistently depicted in their collection. All components, from the runway to the actual garments came together in a harmonious fashion. With the flashy colors and fabrics, and deconstructed clothing, the collection is most suitable for a fashion-forward thinking man. None of the garments screamed “work-wear” or classic styles. Instead, the collection is bound for the guy who wants to make a statement at the lounge.