AMI Spring/Summer 2018

Packing a punch with bold, vivid hues and vibrant floral prints, AMI’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection was a fresh take on menswear classics. Headed by its founder, Alexandre Mattiussi, the affordable luxury label continues to turn out easy, wearable pieces and modern essentials.

Staples like khaki pants, denim jackets and oxford shorts were paired alongside color-blocked tops, gingham coats and floral Bermuda shorts. It was a safe collection punctuated with eye-catching colors, whether it was a monochromatic look like the electric blue outfit or in details like the contrasting stitches and plackets of a shirt. A plum, orange and magenta ensemble provided the most visceral reaction and the best color combination of the season. The message was clear in terms of wearability and versatility, with many pieces able to be interchanged with just about anything in a man’s wardrobe. A notable stylistic moment was where the cleverly tied scarf was just barely visible peeking through the sweaters and shirts. It gave off a very French, insouciant vibe perfect for those leisurely strolls and carefree summer outings. And yet, the only downside was the sock/sandal situation that just won’t seem to go away.