AMI Wall Fall/Winter 2018


In a warehouse-esque venue, AMI Paris further blurs the line between high-fashion and subculture in their fall/winter 2018 menswear runway show. AMI Paris has done well as a brand because of the label’s attention to the recent move of fashion looking for streetwear as a point of inspiration.

For this collection, AMI does this exact thing: mixing high and low fashion within their show. To clarify what this means: the collection consisted of ensembles that paired leather pants with white sneakers, loose hoodies with leather oxfords and zip-up hoodies with suede loafers. After reading this description, one may assume that the collection lacked a harmonious theme, however, the show consistently portrayed ‘high-class streetwear.’. To my surprise, the collection emitted the a frequent message that tailored to a young-modern guy living in the city.

However, the collection had a plethora of wearable garments. Individual pieces and whole ensembles can be worn for the weekends and throughout the work week. The collection suits more of a later 20s gentlemen, but is surely not limited.