AMI Fall/Winter 2017

The visible motif to extract from Alexander Matthius’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection in three words: well dressed boyhood. Industry insiders, fashion enthusiasts, and digitally alert consumers bore witness to smart tailoring adeptly contrasted with sneakers. Attractive shearling collared jackets and forgivingly tailored, not oversized, bottoms were also staples on the AMI runway. The show was fluttered with on the needle styling, with touches of yesteryear and a sartorial portending of tomorrow. The lines were clean but still visually stimulating. The silhouettes were sophisticated but still fresh. The show started off with a misguided pairing of colors and style proclivities, but eventually became a great study in eclectic cohesion. There was denim under pea coat layering, mustard yellow on black pinstripe color blocking, and sweat suits worn under top coats. Not once did it seem incoherent or incomprehensible. Diverse casting was essential as it served as a guide to the often mix matched pairings that were so prevalent. If the blending of coloring can have stunning effects on well assembled garments, then imagine what will happen if the people modeling said garments also reflected such blending. The results were spectacular. Timely. Progressive. Effective. Just like the collection.

RunwayMalique Morris