Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2019


Heavily inspired by the punk biker looks of the 1980’s, Alexander Wang’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection is a step in the right direction in terms of practicality for male fashion shoppers. An interesting theme, Wang’s focus on such a particular niche of americana paid off in spades through a consistent use of dark black and blues (with the occasional dash of white), helping to cater to a more grunge aesthetic of fashion. Excellent designs of exotic headbands paired itself well with the sharp simplicity of zipper lined jackets and pants, resulting in looks that tell a large story in a small package. A collection most definitely worth keeping an eye on, there exist many garments which the male consumer can fit seamlessly into a casual, but personality dependent look. Try mixing Wang’s biker jacket with an already existing pair of jeans you own or combine the zipper lined pants with a light hoodie and you’ll be looking fresh off the runway. It is not very often that a collection comes along in which such a fantastic balance is struck between artistic integrity and actual practicality, and Alexander Wang hits the spot just right.