Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2019


Although beautiful in its execution, Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2019 runway collection is more of a moving art piece than a practical garment to wear. Starting strong with simplistic black on black suits and tan trench coats, the runway collection slowly evolves into a colorful set piece of bright splashes of color that transition the collection from wearable, to nothing more than watchable. At its best, McQueen’s collection presents the audience with interesting and out of the box outerwear meant to be worn on the sidewalks of bustling cities. At its most artistic, the consumer is left to wonder if the expressive statements before them are meant to be purchased and worn at all. Although some pieces are completely wearable and very practical in their design, the overall presentation of the runway show was far too avant-garde to purchase and wear in its entirety. Specifically speaking, the moments in which models walk across the stage covered in paint does not seem as though it may translate very well to any real-life situation, and even when a practical outfit such as a tan trench coat is presented there is an artistic twist that although pretty, does not translate to any viability for the consumer. The male audience of which the collection was intended for may find some respect in McQueen’s ability to put on a great show, but it is doubtful they will walk away with many garments in tow.