Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2018


Alexander McQueen’s 2018 fall/winter menswear collection says red is in for the season. Through an eccentric show, McQueen mends punk-rock with private school uniforms ultimately transforming the masculinity in Britain. Taking place during Paris fashion week, the fashion brand-powerhouse presented a collection that showed an array of modern and futuristic takes on British fashion.

The collection consisted of garments such as pinstriped blazers, leather top-coats, and fitted trousers while being paired with traditional oxford dress shoes and sneakers. These components are what keeps the collection true to McQueen’s purpose in paying homage to classic British Wear. McQueen, not only used the combination of punk-rock and private school uniform themes, but also includes the motif of the color red. In this particular collection, the color red conveys multiple different meanings and is applied to many different garment types. The color appears in deep red throughout the sweaters and bright reds which show in tailoring and details. Other prints such as black and white florals, also made an appearance in the later ensembles.

McQueen remains high-fashion with the label’s creativity and theme. Although some of the pieces maybe a bit out of the world for the classic modern man, there is still a large selection of garment pieces that can be worn in a traditional manner. Overcoats and tailoring within the collection can be easily taken off the runway and be worn for both professional and casual wear. McQueen ensures that the collection is up-to-date with the modern man as the casual sneakers seen thoroughly gives the impression of the designer remaining with the current times.