Agnes B Fall/Winter 2017


Agnes B's use of everyday men, mixed with models for proper measure, immediately rendered the collection more utilitarian than decadent. The consumer can see how the presented garments will translate to silhouettes outside of the vacuum of sculpted physiques. The men who glided down the runway varied not only in size but, more importantly, in age. The statement goes as follows: fashion is indeed not a hedonistic endeavor to be indulged in exclusively by the patrons of youth. Democratization is at once an allure, and a mandate. Inclusion is hot this season. The way in which some of the non-models engaged with the editors, influencers and buyers in the audience was free from fear of ridicule. The latter added a touch of charm and authenticity to the well-constructed, trend deficient, and perennially useful clothing. In detail, the collection began with the ever-present dressed up streetwear (sweatshirts, hoods, baseball caps, sneakers, etc.), then it hit effective notes with more conventional ready to wear pieces, and it concluded with a nod to the social affairs of aristocracy replete with tailcoats, white bow ties, and patent leather oxfords. It was a collection in three acts. Viscerally the clothes resonated. They were at once aesthetically pleasing, cerebrally invigorating, and wearable. Men of all persuasions can integrate more than a few of the displayed pieces into their closets. That is always the mark of a strong collection.