Acne Studios Spring/Summer 2019


Showcased in an earth tone inspired collection with dashes of bright color, Acne Studio’s Spring/Summer 2019 runway collection is more of a visual feast than a practical outfit. Albeit creative in its unique use of transparent garments and long cut overcoats, the collection may be too adventurous for its intended male consumer. A few practical pieces could find a place in your outfit rotation, however the collection’s creativity results in its own detriment through a large majority of garments being intended to show off the model’s chest, a social no-no in any on the move environment. At its best, the most practical outfit seen was a dark, forest green polo with beige pants and white messenger bag, a collection of simple elements which could mesh into any pre-existing wardrobe of yours. Unfortunately, garments of this style are far and in between. Appreciation can be found however in the collection’s use of calm, inviting colors. Periwinkle and light tans are acceptable enough, but the splashes of neon oranges and glowing greens quickly eliminate any chances of wearing these outfits in a social space, especially for a working man or young professional. There may be some attraction to be found in this collection, but tread lightly as reality may soon set in that you are wearing an art piece, not a practical outfit.