A-Cold Wall Fall/Winter 2018


Fashion-house, A-Cold Wall, transforms what utility wear entails in their 2018  men’s fall/winter runway show during London Fashion Week. The label is known for its growing streetwear presence and move towards evolutionizing comfortable and techinical clothing. The brand has been able to bring the usually disdained cargo pockets and military-esque vests onto a high fashion platform.

In their 2018 fall/winter collection, the brand incorporated a large mix of PVC, leathers and knits. The collection consisted of classic utility-wear colors such as black, tan and forest greens, while also remaining current with the time by incorporating statement colors such as orange and blue. The fashion label was able to ultimately put on an interesting show, as the structuring of ensembles broke traditional clothing structures by incorporating constant deconstructed methods.

Despite the deconstruction and high-fashion theme, the garments within the collection are extremely wearable for the modern man. Individually, the collection consists of high-quality trousers, coats and sweaters that are easily worn. Whether the clothes are meant for  casual weekends or protection from natural elements during the week, there is a place for an A-Cold statement piece in every modern man’s wardrobe.