Should you get a Personal Trainer?


Everyone wants to be fit. Everyone wants to be healthy. You want to work out, you want to get into shape. This type of thing almost always pops up around this time of the year. After all, the holidays are almost upon us. You know that the next few months will consist of overindulgence and stress. What can you do? Where do you start?

The fact is, it is notoriously difficult to start a real and long-lasting fitness regime. Thousands of unused gym memberships around the country are testaments that it's easy to go to the gym for a day or two, but it's hard to stick with. Why? You’re too tired from work. You have to take work home with you. The problems don’t stop once you manage to drag yourself to the gym. Now I don’t want to cast any aspersions, but does the average man know the best way to maximize a workout session? What’s the point of going to the gym if you're going to be spending all your energy on exercises that are not benefiting you?

Every man that's serious about changing their lifestyle and getting into shape should consider investing in a personal trainer. Hear me out. I know it seems like the type of thing that only A-List celebrities and well-to-do housewives have, but that's not the case; a personal trainer could be the answer to all your problems. Now in the interest of being upfront, there are two major obstacles that could prohibit you from employing a personal trainer. The first, and the most obvious is whether you can actually afford to hire a personal trainer. Personal trainers can cost anywhere from $60 to $160 an hour, or above. If that is out of your budget, then your choice is obvious. The second major factor is if you can allocate the time needed to utilize the benefits a personal trainer provides. If you meet these criteria then I strongly recommend that you consider the possibility of investing in a personal trainer. It is the smart thing to do.

Why should you get a personal trainer? What’s the point? After all, you're an adult, you know how to exercise. Do you though? What would you do, say, if you wanted to build up your arm strength? What would you do? You could lift some weights, yes. What weights would you lift? How much weight? What part of your arm would you focus on to start? How many sets would you do? How many reps? What muscle group would you start with? How would you maximize your workout regime? These are all fair and valid questions. A personal trainer, a good personal trainer, can answer these questions and more. The greatest asset of a personal trainer is that of a working knowledge of the human physique. This knowledge, alongside a guiding hand, is what will guide you along towards fulfilling your goals.

A personal trainer can provide either one on one time with a more personalized experience, or they can hold small classes that you can attend. Some people prefer group exercises. You might be one of those people that work well with others. In a group, you can measure yourself against others. Likewise, you could match their progress and pace as well. This is an option to consider.

Choosing a personal trainer is like choosing any other service. Look around, check reviews, compare prices. It’s never bad advice to treat shopping for personal trainers as you would any other high-end luxury item.  Pay special attention to the location if you are meeting up with them at a gym, or other public space. The closer it is to your work or home the more likely you are following through with it. That fact is, the secret biggest benefit of hiring a personal trainer is the accountability of it all. It is true you have to pay higher prices for a personal trainer, but it means that there will be another human being there who will hold you accountable. It is much harder to skip leg day when you have to call someone up and cancel on them. Doubly so if you consider that by canceling you are also taking money out of their pocket, or yours.

Hiring a personal trainer may seem excessive. It may seem silly and redundant, but it can make all the difference. A personal trainer provides guidance and accountability. A personal trainer can make that hunk of plastic in your wallet called a gym membership into something worthwhile.