Ice Hockey and You

Blend Images - Dave and Les Jacobs

Blend Images - Dave and Les Jacobs

Welcome to a new year, full of possibilities and opportunities! New Year’s resolutions are in full swing and many people are going to get out there and try to get in shape. While this fitness goal can come in many shapes and sizes, have you ever considered ice hockey? I know, it sounds a little far fetched but what better way to stay on top of that fitness goal than smashing a puck into a goal while racing across an ice rink?

The fitness benefits of a good game of ice hockey are substantial. Ice skating is a great form of cardiovascular activity. When you get moving, with running or skating, your body begins to pump that blood through your system increasing your heart rate. Cardio has incredible benefits, it can protect against disease, clear your mind and ultimately sheds that fat. In fact, per LiveStrong, Ice Hockey involves something called intense interval training. Basically, this is when you perform a rigorous activity, followed by a slow pace or a stop. This type of cardio increases the number of calories burned by pumping up your metabolism. The cardio coming from Ice Hockey will wreck your resolution to fitness, and then some.

Some guys hear the word cardio and feel the need to run for the hills. Whether cardio is your thing or not, Ice Hockey offers amazing strength building. Can you imagine a better way to get a full-body workout than by playing such an intensive sport? Racing full speed down the rink develops your leg and core muscles while wielding your hockey stick will help work your upper body. Per Health Fitness Revolution, this increased muscle mass can reduce your rate of injury, by strengthening connective tissue and even improving bone strength. So even if you tend to laugh at cardio, Ice Hockey has something for everyone!

Playing a competitive sport is no walk in the park, it can shred your body but it can also give you some incredible benefits. Ice hockey will give you an incredible sense of balance, agility, and eye-hand coordination. Practice makes perfect, and you’ll be able to feel your sense of coordination grow. That is one benefit that is worth the workout, can you imagine the agility it takes to catch a puck sliding on ice, while you also are sliding on ice? Brutal.

Exercise, regardless of source, is an incredible way to increase your endorphin levels. Endorphins are these little chemicals in your head that help to alleviate stress and improve your mood. After a long week of work, what better way to unwind than a good old game of ice hockey? Additionally, the benefit of playing a team sport is rewarding. You learn to communicate and build a sense of brotherhood with your team. You'll forge friendships in the fire of competition. What's more, making the snap decisions that a fast-paced game like ice hockey demands is also an invaluable trait. Developing the ability to process information and make an informed decision quickly is one of the characteristics of a leader. These are skills that transcend any sport and can help in the business world and beyond. Being able to communicate and lead under pressure is an asset in any situation and Ice Hockey can give you that edge.

With all the great benefits hockey provides it can also be a dangerous game and so you should take your time with learning the basics before jumping right in. Ice hockey is traditionally played while skating on ice, and so it is imperative that you have a developed ice skating form before you start the process of ice hockey. The best way to do so is to phone your local arenas and inquire about adult skating lessons. These lessons will give you the fundamentals you need to start your ice hockey journey. Don’t be afraid to fail, and be prepared to fall a lot.  

Following your introduction to ice skating, you’ll need to practice your form for the game. This can be done through a variety of methods, but the most suggested way is to start playing pickup with guys whenever you can. This is important not only for the practice but the connections that it can build. These same guys you play pick-up with can help you find your way onto an amateur team where you can really start playing consistently. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, nothing ventured nothing gained! After some practice and maybe even making some new friends, you’ll be on your way to a more happy and healthy life through ice hockey. 

The benefits of playing a game like ice hockey can be incredible. From increasing your cardio to building communication skills, this game can really change your life. You’ll grow in strength, stamina, and balance while doing a mental housecleaning with these new endorphins! By the time 2018 rolls around you will have met your fitness resolutions and be a more confident, healthier you!