Honda Civic 2016: "The Bold New Civic"

The 10th-generation Honda Civic is a notable release for the Japanese company whose striving to develop after enduring a financial downfall. Advertised as the "bold new Civic", the car has a more techno inspired interior, following in the footsteps of leading German brands. The new model has a starting msrp of $18,640. Unlike the simple base of most Civics, this design is more futuristic and up to date, technology wise. There is a 7-Inch Display Audio with Touch-Screen, where people can easily swipe through music selections. The vehicle also  utilized their up to date technology to improve safety measures with a wide-angle rearview backup camera. It has a sleek interior and it is more spacious on the inside, featuring a large console storage. This model is also taken to the next level with a new 1.5-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine. Civic's brand new turbo engine comes with 127kW of power and a whopping 220Nm of torque.

As per the Honda website, this is the safest Civic yet because of the high-strength steel that enables the vehicle to be safely crumpled on impact. According to Honda, "The Honda-exclusive body design enhances occupant protection and crash compatibility in frontal collisions by distributing crash energy more evenly throughout the front of the vehicle." Other advances safety features include the LKAS(Lane Keeping Assist System), which can reducer driver fatigue by ensuring that you are in the middle of your lane. If a driver drifts off from the center of the detected line without a signal, the steering adjusts itself to keep you centered. But perhaps the most highlighted safety measure is the FCW (Forward Collision Warning), which uses a small camera at the top of the windshield to detect the presence of vehicles in front of you. If the FCW system senses that a driver is at risk of a collision with a detected vehicle, it sends audio and visual alerts to warn you. Even if the driver does not react immediately, the system will automatically apply brake pressure.

The new model also has some cool features that might not be a game changer, but it is worth mentioning. Half of the reason why my sister and I argue about who will sit in the front on family drivers in the winter is because of heated seats. Only the driver and passenger have heated seats, while the people sitting in the back do not have that option. With the Honda Civic (EX-T and above), there are three heat levels to choose from and rear passengers can also enjoy the feature too. The Civic also comes in handy following those snowy days and bad weather because it can activate its wipers automatically. 

According to customer reviews, one of the downsides to the car is the complex infusion of advanced technology. Not everyone wants to be dabbling with buttons all the time and playing around with the system. The old models were simple and straight forward. Also the safety features are proving to be a bit too sensitive and while it is better to be safe than sorry, it can be annoying on a daily commute. If the FCW (Forward Collision Warning) is constantly going off and alerting you unnecessarily, it can be bothersome and there is no way to change it. Overall, the car is spacious for a small vehicle and has an edgier, sporty feel to it that makes it extremely appealing. The advanced technology and new design makes it the best civic yet.