December Matchups of the Month

Most of us spent our Saturday cringing behind a screen, waiting for Tyler Durbin to determine our fate. The Ohio State kicker had already missed two field goals and with a second left in the fourth quarter, the team had no choice but to leave the game in his hands. Me, being as nervous as I was, already started plotting his new life. He would have to change schools, leave the game behind and probably avoid anyone with a red sweatshirt for the next two years. But at least Michigan would embrace him with open arms, should he have to relocate. Durbin looked nervous, but mentally prepared for his moment and he delivered. He hit a 23-yard field goal to tie it and send the game to overtime. As we all know, that wasn't nearly the end of this thrilling matchup, that eventually ended with a huge win for Ohio in double overtime. The game was easily the most anticipated of the year, with the highest ratings in college football's regular season.

It was a perfect way to cap off a Thanksgiving weekend for sports fans, setting its mark as the most memorable November matchup. As the holiday season descends upon us, let's look ahead to some of the must-watch December games. December 11 - mark your calendars, put sticky notes on your fridge, whatever you have to do to ensure that you'll be tuned in to the Giants vs Cowboys game at 8:30 PM. The NFC East has some of the most talented teams in the league, with these two division rivals ranking among the best. The team is led by an insane rookie duo of QB Dak Prescott and RB Ezekiel Elliot, as they settle into their rightful dominance at the top of their division, securing a spot in the playoffs. The Cowboys are basking in their 10-1 glory, proving to be unstoppable. Their only loss? To the NY Giants, of course -- the team that continues to exceed expectations after a season full of struggles. The Giants are sitting at 8-3, currently thriving off a six-game winning streak. It is likely that they will secure a wild-card spot with one of the most elite defenses in the league. The team has playmakers like Landon Collins and JPP, who continue to demolish opposing offenses and add to a crazy highlight reel every week. This division rivalry will be insane, challenging their will to duke it out in a fourth-quarter battle. 

And what would Christmas be without the NBA's premiere matchup? It will be a finals rematch with a twist, featuring the Golden State Superteam against the reigning champs: The Cleveland Cavaliers. There will always be an edge between Steph Curry and Lebron James (flashback to when James questioned the true meaning of an MVP in light of Curry winning the award). But, it's to be expected when two powerhouses face off in a heated matchup. If it was even possible, both teams have only progressed since last year, once again claiming dominance in their respective conferences. The Warriors have embraced Kevin Durant, utilizing his offensive dominance and allowing the former MVP to improve an already talented roster. Him and Curry are both averaging about 27 points per game in an effortless fashion, running teams off the floor with a string of threes and an upbeat pace that cannot be matched so far this season. But people seem to be forgetting the relentless drive of Lebron James and his crazy talented trio. With Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, they are dangerous on the floor, a group of offensive assassins waiting to pounce on any opportunity. James continues to lead, nearly averaging a triple-double with 23.5 PPG, 9.5 APG, and 8.2 RPG, while killing it on defense as usual. It could be anybody's game and it's our best indicator of a possible outcome of the finals. Cheers to gift giving, family celebrations, and endless threes this Christmas holiday.