Arena: NFL Players to Watch

If you're like 70 percent of Americans, then your past few Sundays have been dominated by heated rivalries and fourth-quarter comebacks. It's finally starting to feel like fall as NFL Sundays become a designated part of the weekend checklist. Like every year, there is a lot coming our way with unpredictable plays and game-changing moves. It's hard to keep track of all the behind-the-scenes madness that goes into the season. As you pray that your team becomes playoff contenders and try to secure your fantasy score, here are some key players to watch this season.

Rookie of the Year: As the second pick in the NFL draft, Carson Wentz has a lot of pressure going into his rookie year. He had to make the transition fast, becoming the starting QB for the Eagles after a decorated college career at North Dakota State University. He is the first player from his school to be selected in the first round of the draft, let alone the no. 2 pick. This guy is going to be the face of the franchise and the sky is the limit as he continues to make headlines in his NFL debut. 

The Comeback: Victor Cruz fits the ultimate hero narrative this season. For a while, people thought that him and OBJ on the field together was just a pipe dream, but for NY Giants fans everywhere, this is the most anticipated duo in recent memory. With OBJ already being a clutch player in his early career, people awaited the return of their other go-to WR. After missing almost two years, he has finally made a recovery and is taking on the season with an uplifted spirit. A lot of people wrote him off, saying that he could never return as the star he once was, but he used it as motivation to get back into game mode. He's once again salsa-ing in the end zone to the tune of thousands of fans at MetLife Stadium. After a crazy recovery process and unwavering resilience, he was considered a champ before the season even started. 

Ready to Retire: Tony Romo is definitely approaching a steady decline at the age of 36. Just a few years younger than legendary retiree Peyton Manning, Romo is toward the end of his career. Whether he has formally made that decision or not, his body is already calling it quits. Dak Prescott has become a breakout star for the Cowboys offense, leading the team to a solid 3-1 start this season. Romo has been forced to watch the rising QB take over, while he deals with a slew of injuries. Romo never won a Super Bowl championship, but he had his glory days. No one can say that he wasn't a clutch QB in his prime. He has a higher passer rating in the fourth quarter than any other NFL QB. It is time to leave a legacy behind, while the Cowboys offense, led by Prescott, looks hopeful this season. 

Hidden Talent: Landon Collins was lost in his rookie year and I mean completely had no idea what was going on. The second-round pick from Alabama is more confident than ever after finding his niche. He struggled to find his role in a disoriented defense last season, while opposing teams exposed his coverage deficiencies. He started all 16 games despite playing free safety, which is not his usual forte. His transition to playing a strong safety this year has made waves throughout the Giants defense. He is thriving early in the season as an impact player with a new adjustment. He has amazing on field vision and pass-rusher potential. He cannot be stopped this year. 

Fan Favorite: There is nothing you can hate about Antonio Brown period. Whether it's the fact that he's leading a new wave of undersized WRs or the bond he has with his kids, he is hands down a fan favorite. He finished last season with a career-high 1,834 receiving yards and 10 TDs. A fun fact: earlier this year, NY Jets WR Brandon Marshall made an interesting bet with Brown via social media. Marshall said that he would give Brown his white Porsche if he racks up more receiving yards, but if he tops him, then he gets AB's Rolls-Royce. Plot twist: what if fans started doing that in a yards for cars situation.

The featured list of impact players will be game-changers this season so whether you're for or against these guys, chances are that they'll be dominating your Sundays for the next few months.