2016 Indian Scout Sixty: A Motorcycle for the Modern Gentleman

When I think of motorcycles, two types of men immediately come to mind: you have your straggly haired, bearded guy at the bar with a skull covered jacket and then you have your James Bond gentleman in a black leather ensemble, somehow managing to take off his helmet and still look like he just walked out of a Pantene commercial. Most men would probably go for choice B (who doesn’t want to be James Bond … the guy can kill a man with his bare hands while looking like a Calvin Klein model). 

The 2016 Indian Scout Sixty motorcycle definitely embodies a James Bondesque quality. The sleek black design is simple, yet bold. Indian motorcycles seeks to appeal to the modern crowd and always opts for style, along with a powerful mechanism. Cruising down the highway with this 78 hp engine will cost you, though. The edgy new ride has a starting price of 8,999 dollars, but it is definitely durable. 

The Scout sixty motorcycle is targeting a younger demographic, a wave of gentleman excited for a thrilling new luxury vehicle. 

“The Indian Scout has been a stunningly successful introduction for us, with balance, performance and maneuverability that appeals to a broad swath of riders here in America and around the globe," said Steve Menneto, president of motorcycles for Polaris industries. “The new Scout Sixty expands that reach even further to include newer riders and a younger demographic who long to experience the legendary quality and craftsmanship of an Indian motorcycle."