Top 10 Artists, Singles, and/or Albums That Should Have Won a Grammy in 2016

Tomorrow night, the top musicians in the world will converge for the 59th time at the annual Grammy Awards to celebrate the accomplishments of their peers over the last year. With some of the biggest performers on the dais and tough competition in major categories, (Adele, Bieber, Drake, Beyonce and Sturgill Simpson are all up for album of the year) the show has potential for some stunning moments. Every year there are winners and losers – then there are those completely neglected by the Academy who fail to garner a nomination.

It is impossible to nominate every artist, song or album that deserves recognition; this year will be no different from last. Here are the top 10 snubs from 2016:

Paul McCartney, Rihanna and Kanye West – "FourFiveSeconds": This trio is made up of a member of the biggest band ever known and two of the most popular current artists in the world; and their collaboration failed to even scrape a nomination at the Grammys in 2016. Looking at the situation a year later, I still can not comprehend how the trio didn't receive a nomination, despite being perfect for numerous categories.   

Fetty Wap: For a few solid months you could not turn on the radio without hearing Fetty Wap’s voice. He was the first act to simultaneously land his first four charting singles in the top 10 of Hot Rap Songs. This was a great year for Fetty releasing some brilliant songs and he still didn’t get a nomination. Personally I would have said he was a lock-in for best new artist – but no, that honor went to ... Meghan Trainor. Really I am not making this up; she won best new artist while Fetty Wap did not even get nominated.

J Cole: Anyone who semi follows my articles will know I am a major fanboy of J Cole. I always say it – for me, he is lyrically greater than his peers and miles ahead of the game. Now, J was nominated for three categories: Best Rap Album, Best Rap Performance and Best R&B Performance, and he was beat out twice by Kendrick Lamar and once by The Weeknd. I believe J Cole should have won Best album. I rate Kendrick highly but "Forest Hill" was the first J Cole album that I really got into, so I’m probably biased but that is my opinion.

Fall Out Boy: I feel like it is illegal to not like at least one Fall Out Boy song. They have had a long career releasing some brilliant albums but "American Beauty / American Psycho" was a high point in the band's history. They failed to get a nomination in what was a massive oversight from the committee.   

Madonna: Madonna was also ignored in spite of her album "Rebel Heart." Being a big name in the industry does not phase The Recording Academy which in a way is kind of nice. No matter how big you are, no matter how much you have done for your genre, you are only judged on what you have done that year. Not one single nomination for this album is something I disagree with; I believe Madonna deserved the win more than Taylor Swift's "1989."

The Foo Fighters: The Foo Fighters did not get a nomination for Best Rock Album of the year for "Sonic Highways," but they did receive a nomination for Best Music Film for the corresponding feature documentary, as well as a nod for Best Rock Performance for "Something From Nothing." This is a real shame cause I really feel that the Foo Fighters had great year and deserved to win best rock performance over Alabama Shakes.

Blur: Blur made a comeback in 2015 with "The Magic Whip," where they were able to combine their classic sound with their noisier, more experimental sound they have developed over the years. Even with this great album they didn’t get a mention in any of the rock categories. A band that was a big part of the indie scene when it was starting, it's a shame there was no nomination for Blur in Best Alternative.

Drake: This was a big year for Drake: two albums reached No. 1 in the charts with his surprise solo release, "If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late" and his collaborative album with Future. But apparently neither release could help Drake finally break into the Album of the Year category, which he still hasn’t receive a nomination for. It was not all bad news for Drake as he still received numerous nominations.

Justin Bieber: Bieber made a strong comeback this year both musically and in public opinion with his two hit singles, “What Do You Mean?” and “Where Are Ü Now,” featuring Skrillex. Though both were top 10 hits, neither were nominated for Record of the Year. “What Do You Mean?” also failed to grab a nomination for Best Pop Solo Performance.  Justin did not walk away with nothing, as  “Where Are Ü Now” earned a nomination for Best Dance Record.

Luke Bryan: Despite being one of country’s most popular artists, Bryan has yet to earn a Grammy nomination and 2016 didn’t change this fact. The singer’s "Kill the Lights" album reached the No. 1 spot on both the pop and country charts earlier in 2016. However, Bryan once again failed to earn a nomination for Best Country Album.