Throwback: Portishead - Dummy

This year marks 22 years since the release of Dummy, the debut album by English band Portishead, originally released in the UK on 22 August 1994 and in this article, we are going to look at this album.

Portishead used Dummy to establish Bristol as the capital of trip hop or the Bristol sound as it came to be known. The cover of the album is a still image of vocalist Beth Gibbons from To Kill a Dead Man which was a short film that the band made the sound track which they wrote got them their record contact. This alum gained Portishead their first major award, Brit award for best new comer in 1995

Like I said above Portishead were able to use this album to enter a new genre, they were the pioneers of the sound .Trip hop was a subgenre of electronic music that originated in the early 1990s in the UK, mainly around Bristol. Trip hop was first used by the British music media and press as a way to describe the more experimental sound emerging from the scene, which was influenced by soul, funk and jazz. It has been described as "Europe's alternative music in the second half of the '90s"

The hottest tracks on this album for me are glory hole, roads, and it’s a fire. Glory hole is the first track of the album and by far my favourite track, although it falls under the bands signature genre of trip hop I feel there are elements of jazz I the track. Roads is another favourite of mine from the album, the instrumental on the tracks are my favourite they feel generic and awkward but the singing is brilliant, Beth’s voice is pure and fully of life she can captivate the mind with the bare minimum. Last but most definitely not least is “It’s a Fire” I feel like I am having a hypnotic trip while I listen to this track, nothing else exists just me and this song and it is all down to the vocals.

The vocals only the whole album are amazing. Beth Gibbson has a delicate voice that she has so much control over, she is able to transport you to another world as cliché as this may seem when her vocals are mixed with tracks like It’s a Fire a

The recurring theme of sex and relationships especially as it appears heavily on the track glory box, and I have been told it has even became known as an album to have sex to. Although this album seems quite simply I believe it is more than this it can be seen as birth of a new genre although trip hop isn’t the most popular genre used it still had a knock-on effect advancing music and having a positive impact.

22 years later and I really believe that the world of music is better off for this piece of work its maybe not the most important or the best but without albums like these and countless others music wouldn’t be able to develop and move forward at the rate it currently dose.