The Past Hundred Days: Exclusive Interview with Singer EBEN


The “LAMBO” singer takes the time to recharge his batteries, make more music, and tell us why life is good.

EBEN is ready to explode. In between the Europe and Asia legs of his tour, opening for pop collective Why Don’t We, the singer says he’s been “chilling,” in his apartment in L.A. Well, if you call “chilling,” working diligently on the next project after his upcoming EP Past Hundred Days. He laughs, saying “on to the next” when referring to the work he’s been putting in. “I’m always creating,” he tells me, and it’s been a long road for him to get to the point where creating is the only thing he has to worry about. Like every career, EBEN’s is one of many successes but also some failure, and his choice to keep working hard and pushing forward is why we consider him a rising star.

At only 15 years old, EBEN made it to the top 25 on American Idol Season 11. After, he took his boy band, ABT LST NT to L.A. where they worked together for about three years. When they broke up in 2017 EBEN was devastated. “I didn't want the group to end," he lamented. Although grateful for his experience with the band, he moved back to his hometown of Cincinnati Ohio and planned for his next move.


And the rest of the story is what leads us to “PAST HUNDRED DAYS”. EBEN considers the EP “an update on my life,” an EP that highlights the highs and lows of his recent success, as well as proves EBEN is an artist to watch out for.

Opening with “THAT’S ALRIGHT” a poppy banger that has EBEN singing about his recent success, restarting his career, and brushing off the fact that his car was recently set on fire by an arsonist. The song he wrote and recorded in Paris is about “dealing with whatever is thrown at your feet.”

On “Back To Us” EBEN laments about a recent breakup. He tells us the song is about wishing “we could go back to the time where we were the best version for each other,” a sentiment almost everyone can relate to. The dancehall-type beat sounds like the perfect thing to get down to when the lights go down.

On “Home” EBEN slows it down, producing a rhythmic and personal track about his moral compass slipping. On the track he talks about losing himself while on the road and being separated from the loved ones who made him who he is. Slowing it down even further is “When Did You Know” a song that sees EBEN wondering if his failed relationship would have “worked out in another life”. On a similar note as “Back To Us” he asks the question of when their significant other realized they fell out of love.

Turning the volume back up is “Freefall” a collaboration with good friend and Grammy Award winning artist R8DIO. “That’s my boy!” EBEN exclaims when mentioning the producer, “all we do is send each other memes on Instagram" he jokes, which is the perfect evidence of a great 21st century friendship. The song is a product of a last minute late-night session right before his Europe tour. Ending the EP is “Roll” a carefree song that exemplifies EBEN’s current state of mind. The track is produced by Josh J. EBEN’s current roommate. You might have seen him shred on tour with Miguel.

All in all, EBEN has worked hard to get where he’s at and he’s not even close to finished. This EP is just the next step on his long journey and we’re excited to see what comes next.