Kamaiyah Embodies West Coast Hip Hop

Album of the Week


Kamaiyah- Before I Wake: The West Coast rap scene has always been historic. Since the glorious days of low riders and California-inspired funk, the West side has been responsible for unleashing some of the most unique and impeccable styles and sounds in music. 

Kamaiyah is a Compton rapper who holds true to this OG style more than any of her peers. More than YG, more than ScHoolBoy Q, even more than Kendrick Lamar- her music is infused with this synth-heavy, g-funk sound that instantly takes you back to cruising the coast in a Cadillac bumping something heavy and smoking something loud.

Kamaiyah burst onto the scene with last year's phenomenal mixtape, "A Good Night in the Ghetto." The style she owned on this album was singular. She sounded like a boss-ass bitch, there is no other way to describe it. 

On her latest album "Before I Wake" she takes this G-funk sound and elevates it with even more catchy songs, outstanding lyrics, and palpable rhythms that sound like cruising down the California coast with the sun on your face.

"Slide (Bet)" is an anthem for the streets. It's a bumping track that sounds best playing through a tinny stereo on an old Chevy Impala. On this track, Kamaiyah sounds as confident as ever, touting her style while stunting on her haters. 

On the standout track "Playa In Me" she sounds like an old school rapper, slickly gliding over a playful, synth driven beat. "I know you see the playa in me / You can see it in my eyes You can tell by the fur I wear / That I'm the coldest bitch alive." On this album, Kamaiyah proves this as a fact, she is the coldest bitch alive.

Single of the Week

Bjork- "Blissing Me": Man is it good to have Bjork back. The Icelandic folk singer and fashion icon has proven time and time again that her esoteric, abstract, sometimes downright bizarre music can be both ethereal and down to earth. Bjork is a human and like all humans, she feels love and hope and passion. Her previous album found her in the throws of heartbreak. Now it appears she's back and ready to love again.

On "Blissing Me," we find Bjork experiencing something we all know too well, crushing on someone. Sending them songs that remind us of them, writing them, and just fallinghead over heels in this thing called love. The music is airy and weightless as Bjork's musically stunning voice rings out, "“I’m celebrating on a vibrancy/ Sending each other MP3s/ Falling in love to a song.”

Music Videos of the Week

Young Fathers- "Lord": This is an touching and immersive video that throws you down a hallway of sound, gravity, and emotion. The group is captivating as hell and the song is impeccably done. It's a journey, starting slow and growing and building until it explodes in all directions. The video is spectacular as well. It will be great to see how their new album sounds when it comes out next year.

SSION- "Comeback": The Kansas City artist SSION is exactly that. An artist. He has crafted music videos for Perfume Genius and Grizzly Bear, and has taken a bit of a haitus on his own music. Now it appears he's back and better than ever. In the 7 and a half minute epic video, SSION basically creates an insane and beautiful mosaic that goes down about a dozen different avenues. It's quite a video.