In the Mix: RYAN

From a thumping heartbeat to an all out deep-house freak out- that's how RYAN crafts his impeccable Boiler Room set. 

The masterful veteran DJ takes hold of the room with a guiding rhythm and takes the listener on a sonic journey of sound. The mix he creates is one cohesive blend of drum and bass, deep house, and more to create an hour of pure dance bliss.

This kind of DJing can only happen overseas and abroad. It's so nuanced and detailed and intricate. It is restrained at times, keeping the audience guessing and waiting. Then within ten beats, it's kicking like a middle school soccer team. The ambient noises and prolonged anticipation of a drop are there in the perfect spots, keeping the crowd drawn close in. Finally, when he decides it's time to flip the switch, he unleashes a heady drop worthy of dancing wildly to. 

The impressive thing about Ryan is his complete control of the room. His mix entices the audience into grooving with him all night long by finding the balance between build up and drop. His mix is almost like a football game- you're glued to the game, because it's exciting already. Then once something breaks away and gets truly riveting, you're on your feet and you're 100% involved. 

Ryan's veteran DJ status proves that he can come into a Boiler Room and deliver exactly what the people want to hear, which is deep, dirty, down low house music. The kind of music that is clubby, but not cliche, funky, but not funky, and danceable, even when it's building. Keeping a consistent groove is imperative, vital, and it's something Ryan does incredibly well.

Throughout the entire mix, there are noises, synthesizers, and handclaps, that keep you locked in to his BPM (beats per minute.) It's the backbone of the entire mix. This is what keeps the feet moving. The DJ must keep this going at all times if they plan on keeping the room happy. Ryan not only does a masterful job of this, throughout the entire set, there is not a single person standing still in the whole crowd.

Boiler Rooms are an incredible space of freedom and experimentation. They are the forefront of the underground electronic movement overseas and it's reasons like this set that they are successful. Because anyone can play "Turn Down for What" on their iPhone over some speakers, but to craft a detailed and nuanced Boiler Room set, that takes some serious skill.