In The Mix: Fresh Fall Finds and An Engrossing Boiler Room Set

This week saw a number of underground artists put out exciting new content. One can only hope this is the beginning of an exciting fall season with more new hits to come.

Single of the Week

maye, “Moody”

At the moment maye is relatively unknown, but that’s soon to change. Her third official release, “Moody” is an anthem for the person that can help her relax, and get her out of a funk. Her voice reverberates over a blend of pop, indie, and alternative production, with hints of piano and melodic guitar throughout. Halfway through the bridge leads into a piano solo, creating a mesmerizing back and forth between the piano and lead guitar. They steal the song for only a moment before maye returns and closes the song with a final chorus. Her vocals and instrumentation are eerily similar to other formidable pop stars on the rise, including Kali Uchis and Girl Ultra. She’s not far behind either; “Moody” is the perfect introduction to an artist with plenty of room to grow. 

Music Videos of the Week

Zack Villere, “Sore Throat”

“Sometimes, I spend all day inside.” Zack Villere’s “Sore Throat” opens on a somber note, as he lies on a rooftop, guitar resting on his chest, staring off into space. The video is shot beautifully, with a variety of close-ups, mid shots, and long shots of Zack and others. Zack isn’t the only subject, either; it features multiple spider-men, lots of basketballs, and slow-motion choreographed dance. It’s an unpredictable visual feast, where Zack is mostly absent from these shots and instead cruising around New York on a moped. There’s an overwhelming sense of melancholy, due to the downtempo production, harmonic vocals, and offbeat twang of an electric guitar. Combine these elements and the viewer is gifted with a moving video, one that sets the scene for Zack’s upcoming album.

deem spencer, “shorty pt. 3”

Deem Spencer’s latest video opens on him, rapping to himself in the corner of an unknown house. The 808s burst through, only to exit for a change of scenery and pace; Spencer raps acapella on the stairs, taking a moment to think and laugh to himself. The beat reenters, absent of 808s and replaced by nocturnal percussion, led by a pair of bongos. Spencer hits a falsetto, swiftly rapping, singing, and changing up his flow. The tail end of the video features mini vignettes, and brief focal shots of others that live in the neighborhood. The final shot shows Spencer on the roof, looking up as if he’s waiting for something. There’s a great deal up to interpretation here, and it’s worth the watch to make something of it for yourself. 

Noriel, “Piropo”

Noriel knows how to have a good time, and this video is solid evidence. Noriel plays a lonely gas station clerk working the night shift. Two women show up and notice he’s not enjoying his work, so they decide to help improve his night. They leave briefly only to return with more women, literally pulling him out of the gas station and into their Volkswagen van. Noriel blows off his shift and enjoys the rest of his night partying with the girls. On the surface it’s a routinely typical trope where the guy meets the girls, the girls like him, and they have fun together. The song sets the tone for it all; it embodies the cumbia genre of Hispanic music, with a modern twist and engrossing flow from Noriel. The video is worth a watch for Noriel’s charisma and energy, if the story doesn’t pull you in. 

Mix of the Week

Djedotronic, Boiler Room Bordeaux x tplt

Djedotronic took over Boiler Room this week for a special set. It starts with a simple drum and bass pattern, slowly transitioning into a full-fledged song and stacking melodies and percussion. The drum pad distinctly pushes the song forward, echoing into the large hall before being outdone by shrill notes. A narration takes over, talking about the importance of cars and transportation. The song really kicks off here; car sound effects and an exciting back and forth between staccato synth notes and the percussion take the lead.

Fast forward and the set is still techno heavy, favoring synths and intermittent percussion. A loud drone plays out over the percussion, signaling a potential change of pace. The song beat on, layering on a deep 808 and a repetitive, catchy melody. The guests are enjoying themselves, too. The highlight of Boiler Room videos is always watching the attendees react to the DJ’s moves, and in this case they’re enjoying it.

“Move your body, move your body” echoes throughout the room and the synth melody takes the lead once again, now accompanied by laser-like sounding backup and an industrial clap. Djedotronic has a great ear for eclectic, mechanical techno. Each song sounds like the backdrop to a dystopian sci-fi movie or video game set in the outer reaches of space. 

Djedotronic closes out his set on a high note, upping the intensity and bpm of the music. Sparse high notes play in between a booming bass line, and obviously more synths. The song is moving along much faster than the previous tracks, and just at the moment when the listener believes the song’s about to hit its peak, he begins to strip the song back, and slow it to a halt. The set ends, and Djedotronic is applauded off the turntables. Hopefully, it won’t be long before he graces Boiler Room again with more thrilling techno tracks.