In the Mix: DJ Hadji

America is way behind the eight ball when it comes to Boiler Rooms and deep house dance parties. All over the world, there are underground clubs, that almost all seem like Speakeasies, where people watch DJ's throw down nasty sets. This is DJ Hadji's Sao Paulo Boiler Room session, and it's incredible.

Through his impressive DJ set, Hadji starts with some good ol' Kendrick Lamar hits, an easy party starter. He plays a Wu Tang song here and a Mos Def song there, but he then transitions into playing almost exclusively Brazilian rap bangers. That is where the party starts.

I'd never heard of DJ Hadji before this, and to be honest, I haven't heard much Brazilian rap in my life. However, after seeing this, I will be bumping some of these songs while remaining completely oblivious to the meaning of the lyrics. 

These songs sound absolutely unbelievable. Its as if I had my eyes closed to an entire section of music- foreign rap. As Drake would say, "nothing was the same."

Hadji is a very streetwise looking dude, which loosely means I would never mess with him at any point or for any reason. He's covered in tattoos- on his hands, on his arms, on the top of his head. He has a sparkling grill covering his teeth, so when he smiles, it's less to look friendly and more to flex. This is absolutely the man I would trust with throwing down some sick Brazilian rap tracks in an underground San Paulo rave setting. 

The vibe of the room is especially interesting because the fans instantly react strongly to hearing Kendrick Lamar's "M.a.a.d. City." Who doesn't, that song is an absolute bruiser. But once Hadji starts throwing down the Brazilian rap, the crowd comes alive and begins vibing in a much deeper way. They're all rapping the tracks to the music as Hadji fiddles tirelessly with his system. About 15 minutes into the set, he's dripping sweat profusely and continuing to play harder and harder songs.

The Boiler Room is an especially interesting place because it is purely about enjoying a DJ playing in an small, enclosed, intimate setting to pure fans. These are fans of the music, the vibe, the scene, the DJ, and the idea of dancing. There are no still feet in the entire building. Everyone is having a great time dancing to the music. They're also intently tuned into the DJ and what he decides to play next.

I wish America could get a Boiler Room scene off the ground. Around the world, they remain one of the unscathed pieces of the music industry. Untouched by jacked up Ticketmaster prices and convenience fees. Untouched by seating charts and security. They're truly places of freedom of expression and enjoyment. 

DJ Hadji spreads so much love during his DJ set that it is infectious. His style of performing, effortless but exhausting, and the music he plays, gritty yet catchy, makes this Boiler Room set insanely watchable. If you want to have your eyes opened to a dope new genre of music, look no further than this video.