Headphones: You Won't Know Until You Try

This week in music emphasizes letting go of whatever is holding you back. How Will You Know If You Never Try – an record by emerging alternative band COIN, has just released your new favorite ‘summer is coming’ album. I promise, you will never know how cool these guys are until you try. Lana Del Rey and The Weekend released a passionate, and mysteriously sexy song ‘Lust For Life.’ The two duos NxWorries and Phantom released funky and fun music videos to go along with their groovy tunes.


Album of the Week: How Will You Know If You Never Try – COIN: The alternative, Nashville-based band COIN has released their second studio album. The album is poetic, upbeat, reflective and hopeful. This was the first time I ever listened to this band and I’m so glad I did. How Will You Know If You Never Try is a record carrying an important message: embrace the inevitable.

Integration of instruments and graceful vocals from Chase Lawrence merge to produce an amazing record people will gladly listen to everyday. The band really grew with this release on April 21. The group may appear to be a common alternative rock band, but they are so much more. Their lyrics are specific, deep-rooted and address a variety of topics while maintaining the central idea of living in the now.

The group has such a sense of timing, where the melodies match perfectly with the lyrics in each song. Their songs mostly embody a genre of pop-indie, while incorporating elements of several other genres such as techno/EDM and rock ‘n’ roll. COIN is one of the most creative and talented alternative groups out there — creating consistently great music.

Each track is about something relatable to a person who has lived through, or is in their 20s. My personal favorite is probably the nostalgic, strayed tune called 'Malibu 1992' that concludes the album. This is a beachy, sweet and rhythmically-sound track. Lawrence gently showers his soft voice upon this beautiful melody, singing in his falsetto and properly returning to his alto-toned voice.

Most of the tracks in the 40-minute record take a different approach than the sweet sound of ‘Malibu 1992.’ The most popular song, ‘Talk Too Much,’ is incredibly catchy and meaningful. The artists are trying to convey the importance of taking in what’s around you instead of filling your life with nonsense. Similarly, ‘Are We Alone?’ is about being with a person who is consumed with their phone and not the actual moment they are in.

Overall, I got the vibe that this album was written and made with a recent breakup in the rearview mirror. Chase Lawrence sings lyrics of longing for a lost love, wondering what could have been and the processes of moving forward without staring back at the past. I appreciate each and every track in the album for its unique simplicity. 


Single of the Week: Lust for Life – Lana Del Rey ft. The Weeknd: A typical style that Lana continues to manifest is the slowed, soft and graceful nature in her voice that welcomes listeners into this intriguing collaboration with The Weeknd. The song was co-written with well-known Swedish singer/songwriter and record producer, Max Martin. The Weeknd also contributed in creating Lana’s upcoming album title track, ‘Lust for Life.’  

The song is sultry and sexy, with provocative lyrics like “Take off, take off / Take off all of your clothes.” The two artists have very unique sound, however, The Weekend has more of a pop background. Almost every track by The Weeknd has resurfaced time and time again on the radio. This power duo harmonizes beautifully together over mystical and spiritual tunes from the synthesizer. The song is about freedom and taking control of your own uncharted destiny, (“Cause we're the masters of our own fate/We're the captains of our own souls.”)

Music videos

Hip-Hop/Rap: Scared Money – NxWorries (Anderson Paak & Knxwledge): This truly unique and incredible music video directed by Calmatic is inspired by the 1988 film Paid in Full. The end of the video features an unreleased remix of ‘Best One,’ produced by Knxwledge, and taken from NxWorries' upcoming album, Yes Lawd!. Paak and Knxwledge’s characters are inspired by the ‘hustlin’ muhfuckers’ in Paid in Full.

Electronic: Pulling Me In – Phantoms: What a cool video to go along with this groovy track by the electronic-dance duo Phantoms. The group teleports from Times Square in New York City, to the desert, to what looks like Miami Beach and several other places. Dancing and letting go is the purpose this song serves, and is accurately portrayed by Kyle Kaplan and Vinnie Pergola in this music video.

Update: DAMN. is the fastest selling album of the year so far. Lamar has released his tour dates and announced special guests Travis Scott and D.R.A.M, who will be present for every show on the tour.

The fourth episode of Frank Ocean’s blonded RADIO aired and we have the full track list here, including his very own single ‘Lens,’ with an addition of Travis Scott on the second version called ‘Lens V2.’

MTV announced the MTV Music Awards will return to Inglewood, California this year. The event will take place on August 27 at 8 p.m. EST.