Headphones: Vibe With the Flower Boy

This week we listen to Tyler, the Creator's most imaginative record yet: "Flowerboy." Wondrous beauty unfolded as The War on Drugs pre-released a track called "Strangest Thing" from their upcoming album "A Deeper Understanding." Vic Mensa's early release of "Rage," from his upcoming new album "The Autobiography," is painted vividly for us in the impressive new music video.

Album of the Week: Flower Boy – Tyler, The Creator: Tyler, The Creator’s fourth studio album "Flower Boy" was entirely written and produced by the creator himself. The album is definitely the most stripped down, raw and intentional record we’ve heard from Tyler. T has a way of rapping with no direction or warning signs. He articulates his thoughts in a very clever way, landing on each word and cultivating a completely different idea from each utterance.

He begins the album with "Foreword," an ever-flowing Tyler interjected by a calm, beachy beat. The flower boy questions just about everything while not forgetting to, “Shout out to the girls that I lead on for occasional head and always keeping my bed warm/And trying their hardest to keep my head on straight…” This is one of the many examples throughout the record where Tyler will blatantly hint at being gay. There is no way to know what team the king of randomness plays for; however, the content of the album really begs the question.

Another strong track off the record is "Garden Shed." Radiant guitar chords and noisy synths circulate behind T’s structured presence on the profound beat, where Tyler offers us a piece of his mind further leading us to believe he might be gay: “Truth is, since you, kid, I thought it was a phase/Thought it would be like the Frank ‘poof, gone’/But it’s still going on.” The significance of this album lies in the music; it’s about Tyler’s growth as a musician, producer, rapper and human.

Tyler has shown to mature in massive ways as an artist and producer with his most harmonious record yet. "Where This Flower Blooms," is particularly and beautifully complex. Tyler, The Creator's artistic scope flowers and blooms along with "Flower Boy." Frank Ocean’s vocal featured on the sublime, far out track adds great texture to the delightful melody. In the early released "Boredom," we’re encouraged to “find some time to do something,” over a dreamy beat featuring Ocean again.

Aside from his usual, "Yonkers," hard-rap style found in "Who Dat Boy," and "I Ain’t Got Time," on "Flower Boy," you’ll find a patient, reflective Creator who finally got in touch with his romantic side. Nostalgia will saturate your mind as T asks to go back to his "November," explained as summer of ’06. Beaming track "Glitter," encapsulates Tyler’s eccentric personality with witty lyrics: "This is one sided, yeah, I can't lie/We ain't gon' work out, we a fat boy.” The closing track "Enjoy Right Now, Today" allows us to reflect on T’s most impressive work yet using a driving groovy instrumental beat.

Single of the Week: Strangest Thing – The War On Drugs: A hopeful acoustic guitar tune wanders buoyantly in and out of lead singer Adam Granduciel’s easy rasp. Then the "Strangest Thing" unfolds, and the sound of the track shoots across the sky like a star. The track expresses a certain in-between we as people tend to get stuck in: “Am I just living in the space between the beauty and the pain? And the real thing,” Granduciel asks himself.

The messy, loud electric guitar adds great effect to the electric piano keys and total mood of the song. Alike most of their songs, The War on Drugs has no issue creating a six to 11-minute song of pure elegance. It won't be hard to uncover the wicked whammy guitar solos, upbeat melody and sentimental words.

Music Videos

Rage – Vic Mensa: From his upcoming album The Autobiography, "Rage" is incendiary. The recently released music video is astonishing and intriguing in the sense that will demand your full attention. Mensa sings a beautiful ballad to begin the song where we learn he has a stronger voice than we remembered. The content elicits Mensa breaking down and prevailing through a plane crash at the same time. The video creatively and accurately illustrates his lyrics of struggling through legal complications, addiction and keeping his own sanity. 

Update: New bassist of Adrenaline Mob and Trans-Siberian Orchestra David Zablidowsky is left dead after a serious car accident near Micanopy, Florida.  Read the three surviving band members' first words concerning the horrific tragedy.

Jay-Z takes home his 14th number one album with his recently released record "4:44." In the 61-years of Billboard 200’s history, Jay-Z is the solo artist holding the most number one albums. 

If you haven’t heard already, R. Kelly is rumored to have formed a sex “cult,” housing half-a-dozen girls in his homes in Atlanta and Chicago, requiring them to follow a strict set of rules and guidelines that must be followed to avoid any “punishment.” 

Sony Music made history by pairing up with virtual reality startup MelodyVR. MelodyVR has an application in the works where virtual reality of any artist belonging to Sony Music can be produced and made available to app users.