Headphones: Stones Rolling Back In Time

During my first week of writing for Man of The Hour Catfish and the Bottlemen have set out to finish the rest of their US Tour starting in Denver on the 5th of this month and ending in San Francisco on the 10th of December before flying to Australia to finish out the year.

Update: Deadmau5 has released his 6th studio album W:/2016ALBUM/ , this will be Deadmau5's first album as an independent artist. The EDM producer had already publicly commented on the album before its release saying "I don't even like it " this statement doesn't give me much hope.

In other news Kanye West, has been released from his stay in hospital but things don’t seem to be back to normal for he Rap star just yet. I’ve never been a massive fan of Kanye but I do hope he’s back to his normal self soon and hopefully he can use these troubling times to make some decent music.

Album of The Week: The Rolling Stones- Blue and Lonesome: This week the rolling stones have released their 1st full cover album since 1964, all based around the Chicago blues sound, featuring songs by artists like Howlin wolf, Buddy Johnson, Little Walter, Willie Dixon, and others.

Eric Clapton features slide guitar on "Everybody Knows About My Good Thing" and guitar on "I Can't Quit You Baby" giving both tracks a nice full sound and it also adds to the tracks having another credited blues artist.

The vocals are a big part of this album with Mick Jagger taking the focus with a deep soulful performance throughout everyone knows The Stones have had a great connection with blues for years and the passion they have shines through.

The audio of some of the tracks feels very unpolished giving the album a very authentic sound which adds to the whole old blues concept of the album.

Hate to see you go, track 8 on the album must be one of my favorites so far. Originally wrote by Little Walters in 1954, now in 2016 The stones have taken it and raised the volume and feel of the whole song even taking an instrument as under used as harmonic makes the track just sound great.

Overall, this album is a great cover album ,it is a labor of love, The Stones are bringing an album full of raw passion with some great old school blues while amping up the sound making this something you need to listen to.

Music Videos 

EDM: DJ Snake and Justin Bieber - Let Me Love You: This collaboration track was released on the 5th of August 2016 , the song has been doing well reaching the top 10 in the US and UK charts. Now nearly 3 months after the initial released the video for the track has been unveiled. The video follows a Bonnie and Clyde theme of two young lovers on a crime spree. This is a really cool video with a strange twist at the end that i am still not sure what to make off.

Pop – Beyoncé: All Night: The Video starts With Beyonce talking about a lemonade recipe of her grandmothers , she goes on to talk about family tradition  building a strong theme of family ,then the song starts about 3 minutes in. The video seems to follow the strong theme of family with appearances from Jay Z his grandmother Hattie and Blue ivy. This is a really simplistic video that could almost be a home movie, with clips of Beyonce in a field singing.  

Urban: J-Cole - False Prophets: False Prophets  is the latest music video by my favorite current rapper J Cole , with lyrics being linked to Kanye and branded a dis track the video is filled with bright vibrant colors following J around town on the bus and waking up and down the streets chilling with what seems to be regular people. I always rate J Cole and this video, and the song itself is brilliant.

Rock: Metallica - Confusion: This track is from the new album "Hardwired...To Self-Destruct" , the video starts of an overview of mountains then the video follows a loan army officer in a derelict town running. As the music video goes on it comes to light that these first scenes of war were flashbacks of a solider. This is video shows the affects and trouble army officers have dealing with PTSD, and i have to say hats of to Metallica for opening up public conversation for such a serious problem.