Headphones: Return Of The Post


It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard from singer Austin Post a.k.a Post Malone. The Texas native blew up after the success of his 2016 debut album Stoney. Many quickly became fans of Post Malone with songs like “White Iverson”, “I Fall Apart”, and “Congratulations” blessing their radios and streaming sites. Just months after the release of his debut project, Post was back with the announcement of the title of his second studio album, Beerbongs and Bentleys. The album was originally set to release on the first day of the new year, but was not released until April 27thafter a number of push-backs. Now, Post Malone finds himself with both of his albums in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 list, with Beerbongs and Bentleys sitting at number one. 

Fans are no stranger to some of the top songs of the album. “Rockstar”, the album’s first single released last September, featuring 21 Savage has kept Post Malone afloat with the long break between albums and the constant pushbacks of the new album. Post Malone kept eager fans satisfied again with the release of “Psycho” featuring Ty Dolla Sign in February. While the two singles off the project are undoubtedly some of the best tracks, they are very similar to the sounds Post Malone experimented with on Stoney

Since his emergence and boost in popularity in the hip-hop industry, Post Malone has been able to find a balance between creating solo and collaborative bangers. As we saw on Stoney, the most popular songs off his albums are often split between individual performances and tracks with popular features. The same can be said for Beerbongs and Bentleys as the best tracks follow this same split. 

No matter what, the collaborations with Post Malone are almost always bound to be chart-toppers. “Spoil My Night”, featuring Swae Lee, brings together two of the top hip-hop singers in the game. The track is another catchy Post banger, with fast-paced singing and a rhythmic-heavy beat. Swae Lee takes a back seat to Post on the track, as one might expect, simply adding in the “Spoil my night” hook. 

“Ball For Me”, featuring a simple trap beat with an intense bass line, is another one of the album’s best collaborative efforts. The track combines Post Malone’s smooth voice with the quick and choppy raps of Nicki Minaj. While Post’s voice shines on the chorus when the beat slows down, it is Nicki who owns this track with her verse. Nicki Minaj is used to laying down metaphoric quips in a majority of her verses and she does just that on “Ball For Me” with lines like, “Call me Buffy ‘cause that’s what I slay like/These bitches, I son ‘em like its daylight”. While there are other collaborative bangers on the album, “Ball For Me” is one of Post’s best and most likely to be the most popular behind “Rockstar” or “Psycho”. 

Post’s solo efforts on Beerbongs on Bentleys show his progression as an artist since his debut album. “Paranoid” has a beat extremely similar to many of his other songs. However, the track shows off the range of his voice, the exact reason so many flock to his shows and stream his music so regularly. The track is extremely balanced, with slower rap verses in a high-pitch tone on either side of the chorus. Choruses are Post Malone’s strong suit and he shows it on “Paranoid” rhythmically singing, “A paranoid man makes paranoid plans/I do what I can, but it’s out of my hands/Strugglin’ just to find my peace”. 

“Over Now” represents the rock & roll origins of the artist and the rock star persona he tries to give off. As opposed to his traditional rap, R&B, and trap beats, the track uses an electric guitar as its main component and eventually develops into a soothing beat. With Post opening the song in a softer tone, he eventually gets down to his grungy roots singing in a much more aggressive voice. Post Malone often tries to embody the vibe of an old-school rock star, but does not usually translate this much into his music. “Over Now” is a refreshing change from the often-similar sounding tracks of Post Malone and gives fans a taste of his rock & roll abilities. The song even features percussion from Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee. The track fades out with a strictly rock and roll progression, only using the guitar and drums. 

“92 Explorer” represents a significant chunk of Post Malone’s music. The song is melodic and bouncy, similar to a number of his other tracks. However, the track is still one of the album’s best. The track is all about Post Malone’s 1992 Ford Explorer which he had “pimped out” by West Coast Customs, the car design shop featuring on the popular show “Pimp My Ride”. Like many of Post’s songs, the beat was produced by London on da Track and follows the natural rhythm and melody of Post’s voice. The chorus of the song is what gives the whole song such an upbeat tempo, with Post rhyming “expandin”, “romancin”, “glancin”, and “spinnin”. The track is also a display of how Post can sing instead of rap on traditional trap beats. 

Its been extremely refreshing and exciting to hear new music from Post Malone. With expectations for his singing ability being rising so much after Stoney, Beerbongs and Bentleys gifts fans with the type of tracks they are used to. Post Malone has already shown he has the capabilities to be one of the top artists in hip-hop as he continuously dominates charts with both new and old music. As long as Post Malone can continue creating different sounds and stray away from his traditional beats, he will continue to grow and rise in the rankings of hip-hop’s best.