Headphones: Parmalee Hits Home With 27861

It's always a treat to hear a new record from groups we haven't heard from in a while. Crack open a cold one and enjoy the summer sun to Parmalee's fun new LP "27861." Puff Daddy released "Whatcha Gon' Do," a compelling collaboration with Rick Ross and rap legend Biggie Smalls. Finally, raise your frequency with Skrillex and Poo Bear's hot new track, "Would You Ever."

Album of the Week:  27861 Parmalee: An album named after the zip code of country band Parmalee, "27861" is their most dynamic LP yet. The band has been making music together for over a decade now, and have proved to tap into the future of country and rock with this 36-minute joy ride.

The record starts out strong with the early-released "Sunday Morning." It's debatably the happiest and lightest track among the several other melody-rich, party songs on the record. However, there's nothing better than the conviction in lead singer/guitarist Matt Thomas’ voice on "American Nights."

Ominous guitar licks echo into the enticing, "Heartbreaker." The third track on the album takes an alternative rock approach, carefully and precisely building the intensity with each chorus. An interesting acoustic, rhythmic track, "Like a Photograph" is a sweet song about (you guessed it), a special girl being with the wrong guy.

Parmalee made their return since 2013 with a retro-pop perspective in most tracks on "27861." Each song begins somewhat softly, until the melody and music escalates to the irresistibly catchy chorus. The best job of this pop-rock/country sound occurs with the popular "Barrel of a Shot Glass." Thomas recollects his past relationship with a mystery girl in desperation and regret, until he settles and returns with, “No I ain’t drowning in the same past/Staring at the barrel of a shot glass.”

The record carries out the fun, laid-back vibe with "Mimosas." This song will have you bobbing your head in glee. Sweet strumming and guitar picking support the easy, merry time to be had, “drinking mi-mi-mi-mosas.”

Taking a sharp turn in the other direction, Thomas masters his gentle, slow song ballads with "A Guy Meets a Girl," into "Savannah" – the only melancholy song on the record. Parmalee looks back on “the one that got away,” throughout the entire album but they do so with a clear emphasis during "Savannah." The band cleverly addresses the title as the city in Georgia, as well as the potential name of the girl who got away.

The record is concluded in a cohesive way, circling back to the central idea of home (27861), in "Roots." “They're tangled up in every part of who I am/Without 'em I know I don't stand a chance/I can't outrun these roots.”

Single of the Week: Whatcha Gon’ Do – Puff Daddy featuring Rick Ross and Notorious B.I.G.: Puff Daddy makes a return to the public eye with his recent single featuring Rick Ross and the Notorious B.I.G. Here, several bites are sampled to create the intriguing track. "Inner Circle" is sampled to begin the song with, “Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?” Puff Daddy and Rick Ross unveil their confidence and bragging rights on their verses, that get nicely and surprisingly tied together with an unreleased verse from the 90s king of rap – Biggie.

The sample is taken from Biggie’s part on the LOX 1996 cut where his recited words, “You’ll See,” are replaced with “Whatcha gonna do.” Puff also samples bites from the Steve Miller Band, and offers an alternative version of this SMB with Dr. Dre’s "Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang" beat.

 Music Videos

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Renowned R&B artist Poo Bear hammers on his electric guitar solos supporting Skrillex’s impressive visions of taking life by the horns laid out for us in the new music video of "Would You Ever." 

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