Headphones: New Year New Music


Well folks that is it , the disaster  of a year known as 2016 is behind us and I know I am not the only one to be thankful for this.Not even a week into 2017 and it is already a million times better than 2016 with Ed Sheeran announcing he is releasing new music on the 6th of January building up to what i presume will be his new album divide.

Album Of The Week: Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels 3: Previous to this album I had only heard of one track from Run The Jewels, and that was purely by accident but this album is brilliant and has insured I will be listening to them more frequently.

The track was digital released on December 24th but will be out for physical sale on January 17th this marks the hip hop duos third studio album.

This album seems to be a political rebellion album, a social commentary on what's going on in the world and saying enough, enough. The album is filled with brilliant lines that wouldn't look out of place on protest posters like on opening track down "even birds with broken wings wanna fly" or  on Hey kids "Fucking fascists, who the fuck are you to give fifty lashes".

Call ticketron is a big tune on this album it's beat and flow just makes you want to dance , this track is so fluent it feels so effortless with a verse that's delivery reminds me of Busta Rhymes.

There is literally no downside to this album , it's great to see people using their art to actually say something and not to be using this same style everyone else seems to be using at the minute. 

Although there always seems to be a divide between old school and new school hip hop fans I believe this is one of those albums that breaks that divide , if you are a rap fan you will find at least one track on this album you will love. 

Music Videos

Rock: Kings Of Leon - Find Me: October 14 marked the release of Kings of Leon's latest album "Walls" but it took them up to two weeks ago to release a music video for Find me. The video starts of like a scene from an old crime show with police giving a statement to a crowd of reporters. The video follows the investigation as it escalates until main characters in the video mysteriously die.  

Rap: Mac Miller- My Favourite Part: Mac Miller dropped a new video mid December with Ariana Grande. the video starts of black in white with a Charlie Chaplin silent movie feel showing a conversation between Mac and Ariana. Mac really kills this track his sleepy voice really fits the beat sometimes it reaches to be too much but the end result is still great. Ariana dose Ariana will great vocals , i do feel though that she could be absent from the track and nothing would be lost.

Alternative : London Grammar- Rooting For You: British act London Grammar released this new single on New Years Eve. This song is all about the vocals  there are no instruments until 2:17 into the track. Hannah Reid's singing on this track is beautiful this track is almost operatic in its execution. 

Pop: Pia Mia- We should be together: This is the first track i have heard from Pia and I really like her voice, it is so soft and angelic making it easy to listen to her on repeat. This song is the perfect so to chill with , is slow with a bit of grind. There is currently no video but there us a 15 second teaser showing of the pop singer in different bright angles.