Headphones: Let it go!

March seems to be a great time for album releases this year; it is almost difficult to catch up with all the amazing music being produced. In this week's column, we will be discussing a powerful duo’s innovative album. You might have lost touch with the Tuxedo group since their last release in 2015, but you will be sure to remember them after giving Tuxedo 2 a fair listen. Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors released a lovely album called Souvenir this past week. We will look into one of their popular new songs ‘Rowdy Heart, Broken Wing.’ Following that, we will take a look at two inspiring music videos about finding or expressing yourself; one by Mondo Cozmo, and the other by Mike WiLL Made It and Big Sean.

Album of the Week: Tuxedo 2: This 80s disco-style duo has just released their second studio album on March 24. The duo is made up of Mayer Hawthorne’s impressive vocals, as well as Jake One’s renowned hip-hop producing skills. The group embodies several engaging genres in the music industry right now such as R&B, Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Dance, Alternative R&B, and Disco. Part of the reason why this album is so important, is the groups ability to establish all of these genres and never remain in just one.

‘Fux with the Tux,’ was released as an enticing sneak peak to the up-beat, feel-good album. With this song, the group gives us a catchy tune to brag about how awesome they are. Snoop Dogg makes a cameo in this song, as well as in ‘Scooters Groove.’ With Snoop included, these tracks are even more enjoyable. Hawthorne’s vocals are truly incredible in each of the 11 tracks, making the album as a whole, a full experience. 

Tuxedo is so funky and groovy. Songs such as ‘Fux with the Tux,’ and ‘2nd Time Around,’ are cheerful and fun, with unbelievable production value. They make certain to include modern production elements in their new music, while still achieving that classic, older sound. Throughout the entire album, this is really important to pay attention to. The guitar riffs, bass line, and harmonic vocals, all work together to form something very special.

The group has improved in mastering the electronic funk genre, and almost leaving you with no option but to get off your feet and boogie to these amazing tunes. The song ‘Rotational,’ is one of my favorites. This track is so well-structured and composed in the most unique, yet simple way possible. Each song is special in its own particular way, while still remaining a cohesive album. The lyrics in each song are relatable and meaningful – mostly about love affairs with a certain appeal to what one would consider 'sexy music.'

Single of the Week: Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - Rowdy Heart, Broken Wing: On March 24, this talented bunch released their new album called Souvenir. This profoundly simple and short track from the new album is very well-written and poetic. The melody is simple and easy to enjoy, as the only elements incorporated are the guitar, pedal steel and banjo. The lyrics can be interpreted as the pain faced with finding one’s self.

According to the singer, Holcomb, he wrote the song after being inspired by a friend who has faced the struggles of addiction and the rehabilitation that followed as a result. Holcomb hints toward struggle and unfulfilled destiny in his lyrics to this song such as; “Restless nights and the strangest dreams staring at the sky, begging for some relief.”

 Music Videos

Alternative/Indie: Mondo Cozmo – Shine: “Let ‘em get high, let ‘em get stoned, everything will be alright if you let it go.” A beautiful video to match the powerful lyrics of this song by Cozmo. The video sends a message of importance in letting go and being yourself. The music video shows people from all different angles smiling and effortlessly expressing themselves exclusively by visual means.

Rap/Hip-Hop: Mike WiLL Made-It ft. Big Sean – On The Come Up: This track from the new album Ransom 2, combines the efforts of Big Sean and Mike WiLL, and successfully depicts aspects of “the come up,” in becoming a famous rapper. The video shows distruction, models, fast cars, and even sneaks in an advertisement for an energy drink. The song is powerful in itself with the high-pitched vocals in the background, as well as the consistent tone of the two rappers. The video does nothing but support these ideals associated with “the come up,” essentially meaning the road to your life peak.  

Update: Bob Dylan is to finally claim his Nobel Prize In Sweden, for Literature this weekend come April 1.

Mike WiLL Made-It has recently released his highly anticipated, 20-track new album Ransom 2, featuring several artists such as Big Sean, Chief Keef, Future, and so many more.

Harry Styles is to release a single on April 7. Mary J. Blige’s new album Strength of a Woman, comes out on April 28, and will include a track with the one and only Kanye West.  

Lemmy Kilmister had been working on his own, new music before he passed. Jim Voxx, a former collaborator of this music, revealed that he expects to release the work to the public in late 2017.

Pharrell Williams and Fox Studios will be coming out with a musical based on his childhood in Virginia Beach.

Chance the Rapper is looking for an intern. As he tweeted on Twitter earlier this week, it must be “Someone with experience in putting together decks and writing proposals.”