Headphones:Green Day's Political Commentary Continues

This week we had Martian Luthuer King day, a day where we remember the great man that was and all that he did for civil rights. This year we had the added joy of Green Day releasing the lyric video to troubled times where they featured what appears to be Donald Trump's head on fire and theme of exclusivity and equality. Also this week Smashing Pumpkins front man Rick Rubin has announced that he is trying to get the original band back for a reunion tour unfortunately there is no news of members saying yes but no one has said no giving some hope.

Album Of The Week: Wiley - Godfather: Wiley has a long and fruitful career and he is opening 2017 with the strong album Godfather. This album was suppose to drop last September but for reason unknown it didn't happen this many people outraged but after listen to the album I can safely say it was worth waiting for.

Grime is a very collaborative genre , this is a major theme of the whole scene so this album reflects this as there is a lot of artists featured on the album ; Frisco, Jme , J2K, President T, Ghetts and Skepta just to name a few.

I covered the track "Bring Them All" in a previous headphones article and it still stands to be my favorite track on the album mainly its Devlin's harsh delivery contrasting with Wiley's controlled flow makes this track brilliant.

A big track on this album for me is speaker box , starting with a monologue about where he a his crew are with the grime scene and the fact that labels can't control them sets the tone for what comes.The track follows this theme of family and integrity and has a heavy base that feels like a throwback to old school grime.

What more can i say about this album , Wiley is at the top of his game gaining the respect of everybody in the genre and this album shows why it is a hard hitting album and every single track is flawless , when I listen to this album from start to finish it just immerses me In the music ,it takes 57 minutes and 45 seconds away from my life where I end up staring into space in slence just listening.

Music Video

R&B: The Weekend- Party Monster: Taking a break from his love triangle The Weekend has dropped a new music video for Party Monster. With the image of the cross appearing mixed with traditional music video hoes and a bit of what appears to be cannibalism I am at a loss. To me the video makes no scene but maybe I am just missing the point , the song itself is decent not his best but its still a good song although it feels similar to The Weekends big hit Starboy.

Pop: Luis Fonsi - Despacitio: This Latian pop is one of the first I have ever listen to from the genre and surprisingly its good , when I was younger i believed there was no point listening to music from a language you don't speak but now this track has helped me understand that music can transend language, this song makes me want to move , its a party song that could make anyone smile , the vocals are decent and the rap verse by Daddy Yankee had a really good flow and his voice match the song perfectly.

EDM: Snakehips - Don't Leave: The video for Don't Leave stars singer on the track , MØ. In this slow jam club track the singer walks around an underground walkway with a camera following her from behind , there isn't much to this video but the pretty cool snake themed leather jacket MØ is wearing throughout. The track feels like an EDM take on a slow jam is a grinding song thats feels quite emotional, a perfect song to listen to when with the squad. 

Rap: Falz - Wehdone Sir: It seems this weeks article is taking an international turn with Nigerian rapper Falz dropping a new video on January 12th. Once you get past his accent Wehdone is a really enjoyable track. This feels like Flaz's attempt at a commercial track but the theme of guys fronting like they are ballers but really they are lying and in debt is rather enjoyable.